Work from 12/10


A recent innovation in TransMedia is Syfy’s new TV series/MMO “Defiance”. Defiance is both a MMORPG and a TV series within the same universe and using the same characters. Although the MMO starts in a time before the story in the series, The series creator says that players in the game will be a driving force to where the series will go. This is an innovation because it has the potential for fans of the series to have a direct affect on the series and be able to play within the exact universe. 

• Innovation in music

Last year in the UK album sales were down 12.4% whilst digital album sales were up 30.6%. This shows that people are still willing to buy music but want it in the digital format. This can be seen as a recent innovation in music because for the past 100 years the music has been sold with physical copies and the music industry has been relucatant to move into the digital world due to piracy. Because of places like iTunes and the Amazon store it has created a place that gives the industry to sell their items exactly how the buyer wants.

• Innovation in film

Although the use of 3D in film has been used since the 1950’s, in the last 3 years their has been a revival of 3D films. The main one was the 2009 release of Avatar. This film had unprecedented success world wide costing $237,000,000 to make but generating $2,782,275,172 at the box office. I class 3D as an innovation in film because although it has been done before, it has never been as successful with many films being marketed on 3D alone (Piranha 3DD). The rise in popularity of 3D and the affordability of 3D tv’s it could be here to stay longer than we had anticipated.


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