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Well for my first post I want to talk about my experiences of the games of Domination that i had this afternoon. I came across alot of things that annoyed me from various games.

The Slayer

The main one being people who join the game just to farm kills and completely avoid playing the objective. An example of this was the first game that I played on Dome; During the game the opposition team was basicly full of players who finished with 40< with less than 10 deaths. Yes it was an impressive K/D to add to your stats, but they lost the game by over 50 points. The reason why they lost it is somewhat down to me, i sacrificed my K/D in order to down every piece of air support and capture objective points. It was by far one of the worst scores i have got on the game, but i played the objective what is more important than preserving your stats.

Below you will find one of the games that I played on Domination and you could say that my K/D appears to be that type of player, but I can read a game and anticipate where the opponent will attack from. It basicly allowed me to stop any incoming attack that the opponent would launch on either of my objectives


The AWOL player

The second type of player is related to the other type, but dosent have enough skill to mount an offence that will clear an objective for the capture of an objective. The player basicly runs around the map like a headless chicken and avoids all the objective zones. This to me is detremental to the team as at least with the “Slayer” above kills opponents who are going for the objective points whereas the AWOL player dosent contribute to the team by defending objective points or attacking with other team members; where as the AWOL player wont defend or attack an objective and will play for him self.

Although it might sound vague I will try and describe one scenario.

Our team was losing by 3 points at about the 185 point mark, me and the other 4 team mates were all franticly trying to capture an objective, I look at the mini map and see that the player was the other side of the map camping out hoping to see someone or something (no where near our objective). We ended up losing that match because he wouldnt play the objective and was more concerned in preserving his K/D.

The point i am trying to make is that Domination is an objective based game mode, if you are playing for the sole purpose of farming kills, or even worse spawn trapping…go play TDM..The game mode what is based on kills. The same can be said for those who will refuse to play the objective and finish with no captures or defends.

Also a smaller note, what’s with Dome popping up every other game of Domination? I know its easy to get kills on, but why spend money on a game you only play one map, seams kind of redundant to me.